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Renovating on a budget

by titan on July 15th, 2015
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Tips and tricks to maximise your renovation spending allowance

Relax DIYers, it is not recommended that you take on an entire renovation. Even if it will save you money, undertaking your own renovation may cost you more in the long-term to fix issues that could have been prevented.

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area, there are certain things that only professionals should take care of so keep this in mind when working out your budget.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are various tips you can follow to ensure you don’t spend too much.

Decide on a budget

The first and most obvious thing you should do, is work out a reasonable budget. When you’re not dealing with tens and thousands of dollars, it’s important that you decide on exactly how much you can afford to spend and then allocate each part of the renovation from there. Once you have your total amount, it will be easier to decide on service providers and contractors to do the job.

Do some renovation research

Ask your family and friends, and surf the internet to find out what other people have spent on bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovations. First research exactly what you want, what look you’re going for and what is within your reach – if you need to import the tapware your heart desires, think again.

Comparative quotes

Once you’ve decided on the details of what you want to include in your renovation e.g. tiles, tapware, cabinetry, accessories, do some research about how much those things cost in your area. Get as many quotes as possible and start comparing. Remember, the cheapest quote isn’t always the one you should go for – if you have to spend an extra $50 or $100 for better quality then go for it. It’s preferable to have a neat, high quality renovation job done by a professional who knows the trade than Uncle Bob around the corner who can save you $20.

Out with the old and in with the… old

If you are renovating a certain area of your home like your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, it does not necessarily mean that you have to chuck everything out. Reusing certain appliances or hardware will save you a lot of money! For instance, if you’re happy with your tiles and it’s going to suit the new look you’re going for in an area, then don’t re-tile. Unless your washing and drying machines are falling apart with faulty wiring then it’s not necessary to replace them – you’ll often find that a good cleaning or refurbishing job does wonders with your current home accessories.

First assess the area you are going to renovate and check to see what can be reused, and if you feel like you want to chuck everything out – then have a garage sale or sell your goods to a second hand store. That way, you can earn some extra bucks to put toward the renovation project.

Do some of the work yourself

No, we don’t mean the tiling, plumbing or electrical wiring. If you are capable of doing some of the project yourself, go ahead but make sure you know what you’re doing. Painting a wall is fairly simple and you can make it a fun activity for the whole family. Just remember to cover everything around and use the correct tools, also Google proper techniques if need be.

Watch it

Keep track of your spending throughout the project. If you’re old school, write everything down and file it or if you’re traditional, record every penny in an excel document. For the new school lot, download an app and log everything digitally – better yet, there are apps available that allow you to sync your debit card and it will update automatically.

For a quality renovation project within your budget, contact the professionals at Turnkey Renovations.

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